Agriculture Labels

We are a CFIA Certified supplier of label and tags for all of your seed, fertilizer and greenhouse products. Choose from paper, tyvek or plastic to ensure your crop is tracked from processing to the marketplace.

Beverage Labels

From wine to water, the finest labels are now available faster, easier and with less waste than ever before. Our 2 HP Indigo Digital Presses can handle a wide range of substrate and print your graphics in the highest quality available. Great examples of beverage labels that we specialize in include beer, juice, spirits, and energy beverages.

MSDS Labels

Barrel and jug labels, and WHMIS and dangerous goods plackards are integral to safe transport of chemicals. Our labels have superior adhesion to all surfaces and are stain-resistant.

Waterproof Labels

Wet, rough logs are no match for our tag and label technology that withstands the rigorous conditions of this industry. From package labels to Fast-Taggers to 2″ x 1″ barcodes and staple tabs. We offer the best UV guarantee in the industry at 18 months, as well as the industry-first waterproof paper tags.

Food Labels

We are CFIA certified supplier of package, box and scannable pallet labels. We have the best freezer adhesion in the industry, the ability to print up to 16 colours including colour borders on box labels.

Address Labels

Quality-made racking, address, blank and message labels are products that can save you time and money. We have 6 warehouse locations with labels made to withstand the harshest of conditions.

Grocery Labels

We product shelf talkers, coupons, scale labels and attention-getters. We stock scale manufacturer approved material and house the largest ready-made inventory in Western Canada.

Weatherproof Labels

We stock weather-proof outdoor labels that are 100% barcode scannable. We have an adhesive that sticks to all surfaces and stays put in all kinds of conditions.

Pharmacy Labels

We can handle all of your supplement, vitamin and medi-label needs: laser sheets, roll labels, message in a bottle, and wrist bands. We product durable print, tamper proof, perfect stick labels with automatic applicator friendly liners in a contamination-free plant.