Sustainable Packaging

Is your product packaged so it can be recycled? If it is, then you might think that there is nothing more that you can do to improve it. However, times have changed, and the demand for sustainable packaging has become much more active and is now crossing the line over to encompass frugality as well. Many consumers have seen that it’s not enough to simply recycle packaging, as emissions are created on the way to the recycling plant and during the process of recycling the material. Luckily, there’s a way to avoid creating these unnecessary emissions AND save the consumer some money, and it’s been fueled by popular idea-sharing websites like Pinterest.

The newest trend to accommodate this consumer desire is to create packaging that is reusable in some way. Although the modern person appreciates that the product packaging can be recycled, they may prefer a package design which can be reused or refilled at home.

Today, people want to buy bottled items like water or beauty products like shampoo or lotion not only because they enjoy the product itself. Many frugal and eco-friendly consumers opt for brands that sell a one-time container and less-wasteful refills thereafter. The refillable product packaging can allow people to save money, considering that the refill sells for much cheaper than the product with the original packaging.

On a similar note, many people are reusing containers for at-home use, like a water bottle as watering containers for their garden, ketchup bottle bird feeders, or other great “Pinterest” ideas.

As a manufacturer, should you use reusable containers, recyclable ones or both? The choice for packaging is really up to you. Just keep in mind that the demand for sustainable packaging will always be here. It isn’t just about saving the environment anymore; it is also about real savings for consumers today and in the long run.

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