Jet Label is a proud associate member of the BC Food Processors Association (BCFPA).

Jet Label takes its work with BC Food Processors very seriously. That’s why we want to be as active in their community as possible.

The BCFPA is a non-profit that works to represent the food, beverage and nutraceutical processing industry as well as associate companies that support the industry.

The BCFPA strives to be the leading advocate of the BC Food Processing industry by representing all sizes and segments of food processing companies. They represent more than 73% of BC’s $8.5 billion food industry revenues. By encouraging the industry to compete and grow both globally and locally, they truly add strength to the BC Food Processors they represent.

The Association provides support, connections, education and a strong voice for its members with the goal of helping the industry achieve economic prosperity and safe, sustainable production.

Being a member of the BCFPA means that Jet Label is up-to-date with industry-related news and educated on its best practices. If you are a Food Processor in BC, you can count on our team’s knowledge of your industry when you come to us for labels.


For more information, visit the BCFPA’s web site at

If you are looking for more information about Jet Label’s association with the BCFPA, or if you have inquiries about our products and services, please call us toll-free at 1 866 440 5135.