Jet Label is the only FSC Certified label printer in Western Canada.

Why FSC?

Today, the term sustainable development has become an integral part of any business activity. Businesses are focusing more on providing environmentally friendly products by using eco-friendly materials in processes or as finished products. An FSC certification is an important certificate provided by Forest Stewardship Council, which is an international non-profit organization established in 1993. Being FSC certified shows that your business complies with the highest social and environmental standards on the market.

For those of us at Jet Label, FSC certification is very important to us – and here’s why.

Worldwide Credibility

FSC is the only forest certification system that is supported by major international, national and local Aboriginal, Environmental and Social groups.  Also, it is the only forest certification system supported by credible environmental and social organizations, including the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Greenpeace, Canada Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS) and The Sierra Club of Canada. This gives FSC certification a worldwide recognition. It is also regarded as the only legitimate forest certification in the world.

Concern for Environment

The growing concern for the environment is the biggest reason for having an FSC certification for our products. Protecting the environment by using FSC certified products is a part of corporate social responsibility. Many organizations are working to ensure that they do not overuse the existing resources and compromise on the future generations. This is important because no business would want to face a shortage of resources in the future.

Customer Preference

Nowadays, consumers prefer environment or eco-friendly products over others. This has resulted in more organizations concentrating their efforts more on making and using FSC certified products. FSC certified products are accepted by consumers locally as well as internationally.


What does Jet Label do to maintain this certification?

To earn and maintain the FSC certification, Jet Label has proven that each of our FSC Certified labels is made 100% from material from FSC certified forests or responsibly sourced materials, or alternatively is made from recycled materials.


To learn more about why FSC certification is important and the principles it supports, click here to go to their web site.

If your business is looking for FSC certified labels or thermal paper, get in touch with our knowledgeable team at Jet Label today.

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