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Industrial & Warehouse Labelling Solutions

In rough environments, you need labels that will hold up no matter what. Jet Label offers labels that will stand up to harsh environments in storage and during travel. By using the best materials in the industry, we can safely say that your labels will look great through exceptional conditions – moisture, temperature, and debris are no obstacle for your label application.

Jet Label’s modern printing methods provide superior print quality, meaning your barcodes and fine print will be visible no matter how fine the detail gets.


Whatever the job, our team at Jet Label can set you up for success with their eye for detail and experience in the industry. From our designers to planners to press operators, we’ll treat your label with care and consideration until it arrives at your door.

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MSDS Labels

Barrel and jug labels, as well as WHMIS and dangerous goods plackards are integral to safe transport of chemicals. Our labels have superior adhesion to all surfaces and are stain-resistant.

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Waterproof Labels

Wet, rough surfaces are no match for our tag and label technology that withstands rigorous conditions. From package labels to Fast-Taggers to 2″ x 1″ barcodes and staple tabs. We offer the best UV guarantee in the industry at 18 months, as well as the industry-first waterproof paper tags.

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Address Labels

Quality-made racking, address, blank and message labels are products that can save you time and money. We have 6 warehouse locations with labels made to withstand the harshest of conditions.

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Weatherproof Labels

We stock weather-proof outdoor labels that are 100% barcode scannable. We have an adhesive that sticks to all surfaces and stays put in all kinds of conditions.

An End-to-end marking solution

With our subsidiary company, Jet Marking Systems, we offer a full solution for marking your products, even in rugged conditions. We’ve partnered with the best manufacturers in the world to provide you with scanning solutions, thermal printers, industrial inkjets, RFID and more for all of your coding and tracking/traceability requirements.

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