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Labels & Tags that Travel

With thousands of combinations of label material, adhesive and coatings, we can match your needs to the perfect custom label. Jet Label’s years of experience providing labels and tags for airlines and logistics companies makes us fully qualified to supply you with labels that will stand up to harsh environments during travel. Moisture, temperature, and debris are no obstacle for your label application.

Jet Label’s modern printing methods provide superior print quality, meaning your barcodes and fine print will be visible no matter how fine the detail gets.

No matter the job, our team at Jet Label can set you up for success with their eye for detail and knowledge of the industry. From our designers to planners to press operators, we’ll treat your label with care and consideration until it arrives at your door.

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From baggage tags and cargo labels, to boarding passes and parking tickets, we solve your labeling needs with overnight shipping, custom printing, and innovative design to reduce errors along the journey.

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end marking solution

An End-to-End Marking Solution

With our subsidiary company, Jet Marking Systems, we offer a full solution for marking your products along their journey. We’ve partnered with the best manufacturers in the world to provide you with scanning solutions, thermal printers, industrial inkjets, RFID and more for all your coding and tracking/traceability requirements.

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Thinking of introducing RFID to your baggage tags? We do that.

RFID enables Better Tracking: A baggage tag that contains a RFID tag allows a transportation company to track luggage more effectively. The most common process at this time relies on a barcode system which requires tedious scanning.

Here’s the impact the RFID tag system can have on the airline industry.

For Passengers:

• Baggage check-in enabled by mobile apps
• Track the baggage and be aware of its location
• An easier check-in and simpler process for picking up luggage

For Airports and Airlines

• Improved customer satisfaction
• Decrease in the number of lost items results in reduced costs
• Reduce departure delays


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