RFID for ​Many Industries

  • Transportation & Service Industry

  • Maintenance Automation

  • Asset Management

  • Manufacturing & Retail Industries


RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) is a form of communication using radio waves that can allow you to automatically track and trace tags attached to objects. RFID tags store important information, usually identifying codes or dates about the object the tag is attached to.

Tags can utilize different frequencies, and the tags can either be “active” or “passive”. Passive tags use no battery or internal power source, instead they are powered by the energy produced by the RFID reader when it is within range. These tags generally cost much less than active tags, making them useful for many applications across various industries.

Active RFID tags use a battery so they can continuously broadcast a signal. They work like points on a map so they are great for tracking real-time data. They have a very long read range.

Transportation & Service Industry

  • Fewer mishandled bags

  • Automated check-in and check-out

  • Restricted area access, ticket validation

​Maintenance Automation

  • Work order automation

  • Inspection validation

  • Contractor Access Control

  • Automated check in & check out

  • ​Real-time locations

​Asset Management

  • ​Predictive ordering

  • Cross-facility parts inventory

  • Asset location and status

  • ​Performance and reliability tracking

Manufacturing and Retail

  • Quality control

  • Point of purchase automation

  • ​Asset management

How can Jet Label & Jet Marking Systems help?

With Partners like Zebra Technologies, SATO, and Alien Technologies, Jet Marking Systems can install, repair and maintain RFID equipment.

​In 2019 Jet Label installed a single-pass RFID inserter, reducing the time and cost associated with attaching RFID chips to labels and tags.

​Are you ready to get started with implementing RFID for your business? Contact us today!

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