Also known as Expanded Gamut Printing or the acronym CMYKOVG, 7-Colour Printing is an ultra-exacting method that adds Orange, Violet and Green to the original Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key (black) colour set. When printing with these additional hues, we can match upwards of 97% of Pantone colours to the naked eye – a significant step up from traditional four-colour, or CMYK, printing techniques.

Other benefits of 7-Colour Printing include enhanced print quality and a broader application range. And though Expanded Gamut printing via traditional flexo presses is an attractive option, 7-Colour allows more jobs to be performed using digital printing, whose benefits include shorter set-up times and lower costs for shorter runs.

Still, the biggest benefit comes in the colour precision provided by the additional three colours. For all of standard CMYK’s terrific efficiencies, there’s only a certain number of Pantone matches achievable using just four colours. As a result, brand owners with exacting colour specifications – i.e. Delta E < 2 – require spot colours, often entailing custom-blended inks. This adds cost to printing – especially if it must be done for more than one substrate, as different materials require different ink blends.

Utilizing 7-Colour Printing, non-customized spot colour offerings are extended by more than 3,000, diminishing the likelihood of costly, time-consuming custom blends that must be created and set up on the printing press. The result is a faster, simpler and often less expensive process, especially for digital printing runs.

At Jet Label, we offer 7-Colour printing via two HP Indigo WS6600 Digital Presses that feature HP IndiChrome Plus, the market’s broadest digital on-press colour gamut system for the production of labels and packaging. The result leaves Jet Label’s abilities to match your brand’s Pantone colours unsurpassed.