Design Labels

Foil stamping and embossing spell “luxury label design” like no other. With the help of modern design techniques and trends, foil & embossing can compliment any kind of brand and give it an upscale look.


Embossing to Create Texture

Embossing is the perfect technique for creating texture. Embossing a label helps create a soft yet super tactile texture that will impress your customers. The use of texture can be elegant, fun or simple. For a fun brand, use polka dots, stripes or stars. For a more elegant feel, try a filigree. When using an emboss over a larger space on your label, you may even go rather simple for the rest of your design because the texture will create a beautiful complexity.


Foil & Emboss Your Product Name

Using a foil and emboss on your logo or product name is the key to making a label look more luxurious than its competitors. By using these two techniques together, you can catch the eye of a shopper from an angle as they walk by. The shine of the foil combined with the emboss creates a “popped out” look that will appeal to any customer, young or old. If you are aiming to achieve a brand that speaks of elegance, then using foil & emboss is for you.


Use it on a Border

If your logo has a border around it, foiling and/or embossing that border can achieve a luxurious look. A great way to utilize this technique is by placing another, simpler element of your design (like your product name) partially overtop the foil border, drawing attention to that element. Not only does the foil & emboss make any design sophisticated, but it also embodies the very nature of the product you’re selling, which is to provide consumers with nothing less than the best.


Foils aren’t just Gold and Silver

Did you know that foils come in a lot of different colours, like rose, black, white, and green? A white foil applied over a black label achieves an extremely opaque and shiny finish. Next time you are looking for some extremely bold colours that you’re not sure regular CMYK inks can achieve, think about using foils instead.

Shimmer, texture, and elegance are easily achieved when foil stamping and embossing is applied to a product label. Need some visual inspiration? Our design team at Jet Label recommends browsing the web site The Dieline as a great resource. The Dieline features loads of pictures of creative packaging and labels, and it’s constantly being updated to reflect new trends. Click here for a direct link to a search of The Dieline with the keywords “foil emboss”, to save you a few clicks. (I don’t work for The Dieline, we just really like this web site and think you will too!)