Imagine, if you will, each of your packaged products as a single piece in a far larger puzzle.

Next, add the ability to vary graphics, images, colours and text to ensure that no two pieces are exactly alike, no matter how many times the overall puzzle is printed.

Amazing, right? That’s the general idea behind Mosaic Label Printing, the intersection of human design and digital optimization, customization and brand transformation.

For our purposes here, Mosaic is short for HP SmartStream Mosaic, a feature that enables thousands, hundreds of thousands, even millions of designs to be created from a surprisingly limited number of original designs. With Mosaic, each individual product can have its own take on one overarching brand concept. Essentially, Mosaic is the ultimate example of the sort of customization that the digital printing revolution has allowed, and that Jet Label has proudly embraced.

Mosaic accomplishes all this through something called “variable data job printing” – technical jargon for printing labels that, despite being recognizable as part of the same brand scheme, are nonetheless unique from one another.

Mosaic printing has two main benefits. First, it makes consumers feel special. Mosaic makes it possible for each of your customers to have and hold their own singularly special slice of your brand. Mosaic printing gives products the snowflake treatment: no two are alike.

Second, think of the shelf impact! Picture your product, on a store shelf, surrounded by similar products… but your competitors have traditional, uniform labels and you’ve gone Mosaic. Your products, contrasting but clearly cohesive under a common brand umbrella, jump out at consumers. And once you have their initial attention, closer inspection will reveal…well… that your labels and packaging are really, really, cool.

For all its seeming complexity, Mosaic printing is surprisingly simple from a design standpoint. All that’s really needed is one dazzling design – the more multi-colour and intricate, the better – and an algorithm does the rest. Each label is “randomized” according to a long list of factors, ensuring that an extraordinary number of individual patterns can be concocted from one original concept. And of course, if you start with, say, three original designs, the number of possibilities grows exponentially.

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