Our devotion to creating products of outstanding quality, along with our commitment to total customer satisfaction, form the bedrock of our approach to conducting business at Jet Label. Putting this philosophy into practice led to an executive decision to provide total platform redundancy, which has resulted in Jet Label’s acquisition of duplicates of all critical machinery and components at our primary manufacturing plant in Edmonton.

This is no small undertaking, as you can imagine, but we mean it when we say we want our labeling customers to sleep well at night, assured that their jobs will always be completed in outstanding fashion — of the highest quality, on time, and utilizing best-in-class technology.

Equipment we’ve doubled up on includes our HP Indigo Digital Presses and Delta Die Cutters. Other couplings include a pair of wide presses, eight color flexo presses, and rewinders for each press width. We’re also moving toward redundancy at our Vancouver facility, which we secured by acquiring United Label Company in 2017.

With proper preventive maintenance, today’s flexo and digital machines remain robust and rarely experience unforeseen mechanical breakdown. You might be forgiven for thinking this makes extra equipment unnecessary, but unexpected downtime does sometime occur. As Darrell Friesen, our President & CEO, says, “Although outliers rarely occur, we don’t want to jeopardize our customers — and we don’t want them to worry about putting all their eggs in one basket.”

Additionally, to toot our own horn for a moment, business has been booming at Jet Label. We’re quite proud of our double-digit annual growth, and want our customers to have confidence that no matter how many jobs we have lined up, their projects will not be held up and pushed further down the line.

In doubling up on our machinery, we can ensure this will never happen. As our President says, “Part of our commitment to total redundancy is an expectation of continued growth. We’re willing to put the pieces in place as a landing zone for new business — we’re taking a proactive approach that lends itself to in-person appraisals by prospective customers, and by online visitors checking us out through cyber-tours.”