We could have an endless debate about the pros and cons of rebranding, or even just “refreshing” your image. The reasons a rebrand may be in order are numerous, and differ from industry to industry and company to company. Regardless, it’s a given that product packaging needs to accurately reflect the identity a company is trying to convey, and that labels are a vital component of that identity.


At Jet Label, we’ve changed up the look of customers’ labels for many different reasons, and we’ve seen the major successes our customers have experienced once they’ve decided to refresh, enhance or otherwise upgrade their labelling solutions. Here are some driving factors behind labelling changes.

  1. Sales are a bit sluggish and we think we need a makeover; our look is dated in terms of design, colour, font, stock material, etc.
  2. Changing regulations. New laws and regulations make it a requirement for us to change the information on our labels.
  3. Going green. We believe it’s time to invest in renewable solutions; our customers are demanding it, it’s the right thing to do, and eco-friendly materials are now available at an affordable price.
  4. Shelf appeal. We want our product to stick out from the competition –- it’s time to shake things up, modernize, and grab consumer attention.
  5. New technologies should enable us to have greater impact without hurting our bottom line.


Our designers and printing experts at Jet offer thoughts and suggestions to help you meet your goals, and may have proficiency utilizing designs and techniques you simply weren’t aware of given everything else on your plate.


For instance, we’ve helped customers use variable print to personalize products and target different audience segments. We’ve also helped them expand their visual gamut to incorporate brighter colours and crisper images. We really like the way white ink pops on silver and clear backgrounds – and many customers who may not have considered this option have been surprisingly pleased with the results.

Updating your label doesn’t have to make it more expensive, either. Our in-house designers are continuously helping customers by creating modern, eye-catching labels at an affordable price. With a few trade secrets, knowledge of what looks best on what stock, and what the advantages of specific print methods can be, they can help create a $0.05 label that rivals a $1.00 label on the shelf.


We look forward to creative collaboration with customers — your success is ours.