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Want to promote your brand in a cost-effective way? Start by distributing promotional labels with your product’s branding. Attractive promotional stickers and decals can create brand recognition and persuade a customer to buy your products. Here are few reasons why this marketing tool is good for your business.

Promotes Your Brand

Marketing giveaways like decals are a great way to increase your brand awareness. When promotional labels are stuck on vehicles, laptops or other items, people can consciously or subconsciously become aware of the colours, images, and text on the label over time. So eventually, when a customer sees your product on the shelf, your brand is automatically recognized and familiar to them. This is a great way to increase sales, especially for impulse purchases.

More Ways it Increases Sales

With the help of labels for marketing, you can provide additional information about your product that you want to advertise. For example, you may want to provide information relating to specific features and benefits that customers would be interested in. If your features and benefits stand out over a competitor’s, customers are more inclined to purchase your product.
Another way to increase sales is by using sales promotions such as 25% off or BOGO (Buy One Get One). Mention these offers on the promo labels, or even give them a coupon code for your online store. Short-term sales incentives are proven to be quite effective.

Engaging Customers

You can use labels to promote your business by engaging your customers. A great way to engage customers is by offering free labels at promotional events or trade shows. This can create excitement and may offer you an opportunity to speak to a customer who otherwise may pass you by. Another way to create conversation from your giveaway is to give promotional labels that have an offer on them. For example, an offer of 50% off on the purchase of a product before a specified date helps introduce people that have never heard of or tried your product before and gives them an incentive to buy. It can start some word-of-mouth promotions about your products.

Long-term Use

Promotional labels can have a long life, depending where they end up “stuck”. For this reason, the use of good adhesive and coating is necessary so that the label looks great for a long time. Good quality print can last many years, meaning that your brand can be promoted for a long period of time without any additional cost.

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